Catch 22 – Inception of Information and Disinformation

March 30, 2013 in Blog, PhyterNews, Spirituality by Clean Water

I’m concerned with some propositions I’ve been studying for some time now…

The main apparent distortion is.. Do we create our own reality or are we also subject to other people’s or other entities’ “realities’ and desires/plans/free will?

It might be that our Will or lack of Will determine if we ultimately live in our own reality or someone else’s.

In this world of freely available information.. how do information form our reality.. For “good” or “bad”? And furthermore.. how do our mind’s thoughts, believes and paradigms affect other people’s realities when we come in contact with them? We are all One, after all.

There are some who can “see” “probable” futures.. like the “Elite, Illuminati, Reptilians’ paradigm of conquest and submission”, whatever; and the lighter side who “sees” an Utopian way of life.. Who’s Inception (or paradigm) will prevail in your psyche.. in your soul.. and ultimately.. in your mind..?

Your mind.. is what is important..

Whomever wins over your mind and can affect how you create reality.. Will prevail in your “Reality Bubble”.