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March 25, 2013 in PhyterNews, Sciences of The Mind, Spirituality by Clean Water

Cognitive Dissonance is a theory developed by social psychologists in order to understand human behavior -more specifically human emotions. Cognitive dissonance theory is concerned with the relationships that exist  among cognitions. I wanted to share this off the top because I feel it’s important as a reader of this article, that you understand the theme of the article has its roots in science. This rooting makes the practice of learning to find peace intentionally not only rewarding for its peace giving qualities, but also for its ability to be your indicator of forward progress within the life you prefer to live -instead of the life that you feel is forced upon you. You can begin to live as the Creator that you came to Earth to be, instead of creating by default.

In 1957, Dr. Leon Festinger developed an explanation for the emotional reactions found in his patients, the relationship between cognitions in the brain. A cognition, for the purpose of this theory, may be thought of as a piece of knowledge. The knowledge may be about an attitude, a behavior, a value, or anything else of that nature. For example, the knowledge that you like the color red is a cognition; the knowledge that you caught a touchdown pass is a cognition; the knowledge that the Supreme Court outlawed school segregation is a cognition. People hold a multitude of cognitions simultaneously, and these cognitions form resonant or dissonant relationships with one another. To briefly summarize cognitive dissonance, it’s basically the response from your personality to ideas or data that conflict with other ideas or data that you hold as individual, emotional responses to said data, such as anger, frustration, doubt, or rage (all emotional manifestations of cognitive dissonance). For instance, a racist who believes their race to be supreme above all others, will be angry with the knowledge that all races are scientifically equal, they will respond with dissonant behavior.

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