Frozen in Time

February 7, 2015 in Blog by Clean Water

Written on Thursday, August 13, 2009

Last night I was watching a documentary about Cosmic Collisions. [ (link is no longer active. My apologies)] Among other things it showed simulations of our Milky Way and the neighboring Andromeda galaxies colliding in a future time, and the various forms and shapes it would take after finally settling into a more massive and larger spiral galaxy which they nicknamed “Milkdromeda.” The entire simulation took some time to run, each second representing thousands of millions of years. I remember thinking: “wow, could you imagine how many civilizations came and went, the billions of lives lived, the triumphs and tragedies that countless souls experienced… when seen from this perspective of timelessness?”


The narrator went on to say astronomers can’t actually “see” colliding galaxies, just snapshots of collisions in progress. My computer screen then showed composites and photographs from various telescopes like the visual, orbiting mighty Hubble, and an assortment of radio telescopes from around the world, of several collisions of distant galaxies. They seemed frozen in time, like nothing was happening. It really dawned on me.. We also seem “frozen in time”.

Based on Quantum Mechanics we live in a sea of vibrational energies. We decode “reality” with our senses. We “see” colors, we “taste” food, we “hear” sounds, we “feel” textures and changes in temperature, etc. The senses are just receptors for the brain. The senses actually don’t sense anything, it is the brain that decodes the vibratory rate picked up from what we think is “matter”. If we go deep into the world of the ultra small, beyond what our best electronic microscopes can see.. we fall, quite literally, into Alice’s Wonderland with no Mad Hatter to guide us, or misguide us. In the world of the ultra small nothing stays put, nothing stays quiet. Everything is in constant motion. We were taught at school that matter was composed of molecules, molecules of atoms and atoms of protons, neutrons and electrons. Now it turns out that those protons and neutrons are made of quarks and gluons. Electrons are too mysterious to begin to explain. Suffice it to say they are negatively charged particles that orbit the atom nucleus. At this scale everything seems chaotic, occurring too fast. Actual simulations of anything happening needs to be slowed down to a halt in order to make any sense to us. (Senses again.) Quantum Mechanics is a dear subject to me and impossible to cover in this humble post. I use it here with much love and respect only to illustrate a point.

What is reality? What is Time? What is our perspective in Time and Space?

Who are we? We actually seem to be experiencing our “lives” or “Snapshots in Time” between two impossible scales. The scale of the Ultra Slow and the scale of the Ultra Fast. Maybe nothing is quite what it appears to be. After all, we only have our receptors or senses; and a decoder, our brain to try to explain our “reality”.

Is it possible that “out there” may exist beings whose mode of perception has transcended the use of physical senses, who experience ‘time’ at another scale? What is time, anyway? Time is defined by the various cyclical rotations of our Earth around its axis and around our Sun. Beyond that, time is as relative as the distance of two flies going their separate, merry way around The Grand Canyon (for all we know.. or Einstein knows based on his Theory of Relativity).

But, you know what? What astound me the most is that nobody I know seems fascinated by these incredibly insightful subjects.

If you are one, please let me know..